CTPark Voderady

CTPark Voderady
CTPark Voderady

Location: Voderady
Total area: 10678 m2

Ján Rakovský
Phone: +421 910 894 423
E-mail: jan.rakovsky@cushwake.com
Patrik Janščo
Mobile: +421 903 486 379
E-mail: patrik.jansco@cushwake.com


CTPark Voderady is located in western Slovakia on the D1 highway. Closest county seat is Trnava (15km), and capital city Bratislava (40km). Park features include direct road connection and close-site public transport from One Fashion Ootlet center (1km). Neighborhood production companies AUDIA (Plastics), SAMSUNG (TV), PSA Peugeot (Automotive), Swedwood.


Planned construction of the park 40 000 sq m

Strategic location

High visibility from D1 highway

Nearby International airport (Bratislava, Vienna)

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