CTPark Košice

CTPark Košice
CTPark Košice
CTPark Košice

Location: Barca
Total area: 2000 m2

Ján Rakovský
Phone: +421 910 894 423
E-mail: jan.rakovsky@cushwake.com
Patrik Janščo
Mobile: +421 903 486 379
E-mail: patrik.jansco@cushwake.com


CTPark Košice is situated in city district Barca in Kosice close to airport..


Available space 2 000 sq m
Modules 12 x 24 m
Clear height 7 m
Floor loading capacity 5t/sq m
Delivery till 3 months since sign of the contract 

Non contractual document. All information mentioned is believed to be correct but not guaranteed. Changes reserved.